Pastors & Leader's Dinner 

Dear Fellow Pastors & Leaders,  

Over the last few years we have seen incredible success in encouraging people from our fellowships to foster and adopt within our community.  Praise God for the response! I’m sure the question you’re asking is, “how can we continue to support those who have stepped up?”  

Recently I found a wonderful book by Pastor Brian Borgman titled “After They Are Yours”, in which Brian tells his own story of fostering and adoption. After reading this book I thought, “we have got to get Brian to come to our community.” Brian kindly accepted my invitation, and has agreed to do a conference for those who are adopting and fostering. Brian also offered to meet with pastors and church leaders to help us understand how we can best serve those within the church. I want to invite you & your other leaders to join in this conversation by coming to a Pastors & Leaders Dinner on October 27, and by inviting your entire church to join us for a community wide All Day Conference for those who are currently or are considering becoming involved in fostering/adopting on October 28.  

For more information please check out this website, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to joining together to continue to support those who are listening to God’s call to foster and adopt.  


Jim Applegate

Redeemer Modesto

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